Kanya Sesser, a Model with a Story and a Beauty that is as much Unusual as it is Rare.


Kanya was adopted at age 5 from an Orphanage in Thailand and given a new life in America and with it an opportunity to survive and thrive. Who knew she would end up as a model, a Paralympian, a skateboarder and a sports enthusiast when she was left on the steps of the temple as an infant because she was born with no legs.

Photographer: Bryan York

Model: Kanya Sesser

Make up and Hair: Jesse Mc Cray Make-Up Artistry & Hair Design






Kanya likes doing athletic shoots (She did a strong shoot for Nike) as well as glamour and fashion, yet when interviewing her we discovered she loved to cook, and the idea of a lifestyle “Kanya in the Kitchen” shoot was born!  Photographer Bryan York arranged to meet Kanya on her home turf, so he could shoot her preparing her regular healthy meals using fresh vegetables in her kitchen which is equipped to accommodate her needs.

The shoot started as described by Jesse Mc Cray, who had no idea she was doing a shoot for a model who had no legs. “As I pulled up I was greeted by two people who both had enormous smiles on their face. Kanya, showed us into her home. I watched her glide across the pavement on her skateboard with child-like awe. I could see the potential energy she had as she threw herself up into a wheelchair which she rolled up a ramp into the doorway. I attempted to get my bearings and begin Kanya's make-up. Bryan and Kanya both supported me throughout my first experience and allowed me the time to explore Kanya's canvas. It amazed me how much energy Kanya had. Every time the sun came out Kanya would veer away from my make-up brush to look out the window. Keeping Kanya inside felt wrong to me. Once the session started Bryan & Kanya kept it light but flew into action. The evidence is in the pictures.”

"This was an eye opening shoot and I happy to be a part of somehting bigger and achieve a bigger goal than just taking pictures of people. I enjoyed the process and working together as a team and helping to open the doors and the eyes of people around the world. " Bryan York

Kanya is definitely a free spirit and looks forward to more opportunities to shine her light on the pages of magazines and webpages everywhere. We feel it would be such a valuable contribution for all those in developing countries living without limbs due to war, injury or other causes, to see a role model of such beauty and spirit. We would love to give her this opportunity through PhotoABility.net. If you are interested in images of Kanya in our library or custom images, please contact us via our Model Casting form here