A Mother’s Love Knows No Limitations: A Mother-Daughter Daily Life Expose

Phylicia JadeModels:
Phylicia Jade and daughter Mianna Jones

Photographer: Jennifer Frankfurter 



Our Model was set to do an artsy, seductive and edgy shoot with a world class photographer in Los Angeles.  But when she ran out of the finances and time to get there from Chicago, we were lucky enough to find a replacement theme and photographer that made all our dreams come true. This shoot revealed that not only is Phylicia smoking hot and sultry, but she has a sweet, lovely and maternal side as the mommy of a very previous little “mini me” angel Mianna.

Our new Photographer was Jennifer Frankfurter of  Evanston, Illinois, who thought shooting this concept was a creative challenge. She had been following the Sundance Channel’s “Push Girls and wrote “I've been keeping track of some of their photo shoots as the photographer does a fantastic job of setting up 4 wheelchairs so that every woman looks present and beautiful.”

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An Injured Son seeking New Inspiration, Two Beautiful Models, and a Father’s Day Shoot that Lights up both the Sky and the Soul

Casey MillerModels: Casey Miller, Desarie and Emily Anderson 

Photographer: Debra Tope, littlewhiterabbitphotography

A boy whose life revolved around baseball, on the cusp entering his teenage years, with shaggy blond hair and a charming boyish grin, suddenly and unexpectedly enters the world that neither he, his family or his community was equipped for...the world of disability and its accompanying medical equipment.

Casey was only 13 when the school called his mom as he began experiencing severe back pain. She took him directly to the ER where only a few hours later he had no movement or feeling from the chest down. Casey had what doctors refer to as a “rare spinal stroke.”

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The Sunset "Father and Son Shoot" that all the Powers of the Universe Aligned to Create


Model: Jason Dearing

Photographer: Jen Serena

Serena Creative Inc.


Jen Serena is a "dream come true" photographer. A woman who is a strong, decisive visionary who gave us an opportunity to create a set of images that are rare and important. She has high expectations, and knows what she wants…so when shooting with her...just follow her lead. But if you model for her, don’t flake...because like all professional photographers, she requires dependability. She invests a lot into her team, her time, equipment and her talent to ensure a successful shoot.

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Kanya Sesser, a Model with a Story and a Beauty that is as much Unusual as it is Rare.


Kanya was adopted at age 5 from an Orphanage in Thailand and given a new life in America and with it an opportunity to survive and thrive. Who knew she would end up as a model, a Paralympian, a skateboarder and a sports enthusiast when she was left on the steps of the temple as an infant because she was born with no legs.

Photographer: Bryan York

Model: Kanya Sesser

Make up and Hair: Jesse Mc Cray Make-Up Artistry & Hair Design

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Art, Architecture and Design + Beauty and Determination = A Black and White Series on A Life Reclaimed


Sculptures, architecture, and artistic landscapes + a model who brings her own personal beauty and grace to highlight these works of Art. See a black and white, natural light photo shoot by Roland Basdeo with Rachelle Friedman that demonstrates how a Museum can market to all with Inclusive Images.

Model: Rachelle Friedman

Photographer: Roland Basdeo

Make up and Hair: Denise Hutter, Images by Denise 

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