Hollywood Beach Photoshoot - Music, Romance, and Fun in the Sun to Promote Tourism and Inclusive Images

Hollywood Beach

Models: Denese Edsall, Alexandra Santibanez, Robert Borowski

Photographer: Sara Espinoza, www.saraespinoza.com

For the first time in PhotoAbility history we did a combined shoot with two female models with disabilities, a handsome male model, and one photographer on a gorgeous Florida beach location, where I was able to attend the shoot in person! How lucky we were to have had two models from the same city and such a talented young photographer to create beachside images that are sure to capture the attention of the local tourism industry. Savvy advertising and marketing professionals will also want to use these images in their original campaigns. 

Denese, who is a wheelchair user due to a disability from birth, and Alexandra (AlexandraSantibanez.com), who was injured at 5 years of age in a car accident, both signed up for a model photo-shoot on our website (http://www.photoability.net/blog/index.php).  We located our photographer Sara from a casting call and she was selected as her portfolio was the most creative and beautiful of all those who responded.

Alexandra's shoot was fun, flirty, and romantic as we depicted her and model Robert doing what all young couples in love do on a date at the beach. The images captured that a “PUSH girl”, with the help of a strong partner, can get out of their chairs and enjoy the beach atmosphere while getting their toes in the sand!

We were surprised and fortunate we didn’t get kicked off of the lifeguard stand, because those images are among our favorite. We love the unique and creative way Sara captured the cute couple sitting together overlooking the boardwalk from the height of the station.

Denese has been taking violin lessons and is a frequent visitor to the broadwalk, so we decided to make this a part of her lifestyle shoot. She had an elegant and sophisticated look and feel to her shoot, with Sara capturing her spunky spirit as well! The accessible broadwalk and its Mediterranean architecture created the perfect backdrop for a stroll featuring this lovely model who is a mother, a wife and successful human resources executive at a local college.

on the beach Make up

sitting on the beach It's a wrap

Behind the scenes images taken of photoshoot on beautiful Hollywood Beach, FL

We owe so much to the lovely photographer Sara Espinoza, who stepped out of her normal comfort zone and agreed to create “Inclusive Lifestyle” stock images together with us.  “It was definitely a new experience for me which I enjoyed so much. I had never met or even photographed people with disabilities. I had the opportunity to meet interesting, talented and brave people that left me with a smile that day. I'm glad I was able to be part of this experience and be part of this mission.”

We often recruit non-disabled models to shoot with our PhotoAbility models to highlight real life scenarios like the beach date recreated in this shoot. Our male model, Robert (who is Sgt. in a local police department) felt this experience was a valuable way to spend his time off:

"I'm thankful and honored to be a part of the photo shoot that took place in Hollywood Florida yesterday! Thanks Deborah Davis and Photoability for inviting me to be a part of something so wonderful. The imagery of persons with mobility restrictions taking part in main stream advertisement is an exciting prospect. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of  Pushliving/Photoability, this community of loyal consumers will gain a stronger voice."

We had a great day and felt it couldn’t have been more perfect. We ended the day with a nice lunch on the broadwalk to celebrate new friendships formed and a very successful shoot! 

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