Hollywood Beach Photoshoot - Music, Romance, and Fun in the Sun to Promote Tourism and Inclusive Images

Hollywood Beach

Models: Denese Edsall, Alexandra Santibanez, Robert Borowski

Photographer: Sara Espinoza, www.saraespinoza.com

For the first time in PhotoAbility history we did a combined shoot with two female models with disabilities, a handsome male model, and one photographer on a gorgeous Florida beach location, where I was able to attend the shoot in person! How lucky we were to have had two models from the same city and such a talented young photographer to create beachside images that are sure to capture the attention of the local tourism industry. Savvy advertising and marketing professionals will also want to use these images in their original campaigns. 

Denese, who is a wheelchair user due to a disability from birth, and Alexandra (AlexandraSantibanez.com), who was injured at 5 years of age in a car accident, both signed up for a model photo-shoot on our website (http://www.photoability.net/blog/index.php).  We located our photographer Sara from a casting call and she was selected as her portfolio was the most creative and beautiful of all those who responded.

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Honolulu, Hawaii – Capturing the Adventurer at Heart


Model: Damon Boiser,

Photographer: Colin F. Cross,

We were thrilled to have Colin F. Cross work with Damon on this shoot. His action photography is stunning, and Damon embodies an active, thrill-seeking life. It was a beautiful, hot day. They set out, two guys ready to do daring things -- Damon’s done everything from skydiving to rappelling – and found themselves captivated by the Honolulu afternoon sun. With Colin behind the lens, Damon’s love of life and adventure shines in these pictures. Always seeking to raise the bar for himself and inspire others to do the same, Damon’s truly living on the edge of his wheels -- his comfort and confidence clear as he leans back against a palm tree, his passion for the thrill as he races in his chair, and his sense of humor as he looks out at the open sea, head tilted back, you can almost hear the laughter. 

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Life is Good in Portland


Model: Ines M. Garcia Fullana 

Photographer: Tod V. Kelso

Location: Portland, OR

This shoot was ambitious from the start. There were so many concepts in the brilliantly creative mind of photographer Tod Kelso on how to shoot this 29 year-old, Puerto Rican, beauty and model born with Spina Bifida.

Ines had a passion of her own for being a part of the image library featuring models with disabilities. “I would like to be part of this exciting project, to project that people with disabilities can be independent in any place or country. I want to be able to show that the world.” 

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Fun in the Sun at Sebastian Street Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Photographer: Steven W. Foster, PRC of South Florida LLC
City: Miami
Website link: prcofsoflo.com
Jessika Kattah Delatorre - Website link: http://www.neurofitchica.com/
Deborah Davis - Website link: Push Living

This shoot was a great opportunity to again work with Miami native Jessika Kattah, who we did an exceptional Gym Shoot with previously with photographer Ryan Droze at Neurofit360.

Jessika’s injury was caused by a mass located in her spinal cord, and this was the first time she was able to get into the beach water since her injury. Her incredibly supportive brother came along to not only assist her but to model.  He made a perfect model! Her whole family came along for the shoot as they are a very close-knit family that has been a rock and a huge part of her ability to cope and continue her fight to find any improvements she can gain in functioning.

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Crested Butte, Colorado with Cynthia Ramirez

My name is Cynthia Ramirez, 31 years old, single parent and a recent patient of Rancho Los Amigos Out-Patient Rehabilitation Center.  In June of 2008, I suffered a car accident that has caused me to become paralysed from the waist down.

After coming home from my short stay rehabilitating at Rancho Los Amigos, I became very sheltered and did not have the desire to face this brand new world of mine. I became very familiar with my home and did my best to make it as comfortable as possible for me, since I spent most of my time here. My only outings would be to my therapy sessions, twice a week and frequent visits to the doctor.

It was during one my visits with my recreational therapist that I was given the opportunity to change the way I was feeling and be a part of something great by inviting me on a ski trip to the Adaptive Sports Center, (ASC) Crested Butte, Colorado.

Nine months after my accident, my trip to ASC was definitely the beginning of my new life!

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